Fob programming issues


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Nov 11, 2020
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Hey guys I'm new to this forum or any form for that matter and my name is Rocky I have a fob issue that I'm hoping with everything that someone can help me with. My remote keyless entry was working at one time about a week ago and today it isn't. Batteries are new on the remote and I tried programming it but to no avail so my question is this,

what happens if the vehicle does not or will not go into programming mode what does that mean? I mean, Obviously, the remote cannot be programmed. So the better question is, why won't it go into programming mode?

I also noticed that when I turned the ignition off the radio and the windows which used to operate for a little bit even with the ignition off until I open the doors, are not working anymore.
Does anyone know the remedy for this? Also the lift gate in the back does not lock or unlock even with the power buttons at the doors. I would appreciate any help I can get from this forum for I am stomped.