GMC navigation system vs. OnStar


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I have a 2016 extended cab Canyon SLE with the factory navigation and OnStar equipped. I have a few questions...
Can I use the normal factory navigation system "instead" of the OnStar product?...or do I need to cancel the subscription to use the factory nag. system?When I use the OnStar system, all I get is voice navigation, no map, don't know what the next exit is, etc..., as is normal on any nav. system. My cadillac CTS's on star system gives a map, I can see what's next on a trip...
On page 47 of the GMC IntelliLink Infotainment System manual, it explains how to use the Nav. system. When I follow the instructions, the only choice I have is to "call OnStar...?no "menu choices as noted in the manual.
Is there something wrong with this system? Should this go back to the dealer for diagnosis?


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I just bought a 2017 Canyon... From what I understand, there is no 'factory navigation'... only OnStar. Mine has the OnStar that will act as a 4G wireless connection (satellite I suppose).

OnStar with the 4G is $60 month...not really worth IMO unless you've got $$ to burn or need it for business. I have AAA and bluetooth cellphone.

The only downside to using your phone is that the map does not show up on the console display. However, the voice directions come through just fine (will interrupt any music playing for brief moment).

Used it today for the first time to a destination I had never been and it was okay. I would like to see the map on the console, but oh well.

I'm hoping GMC will have a software upgrade someday that will solve the console map problem. They will only keep going with OnStar as long as people are buying it.... if there's no demand, they might eventually cave in. I could see a mammoth like Comcast coming in the future with a 4G/5G service to your car in one of their package deals.


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I still subscribe to OnStar (without the 4G Data Plan) but will look at what subscription makes the most sense for my use at some point.

That said, I am pretty sure that when using the Nav screen it is not using OnStar services. Reason I believe it is self contained (like a Garmin Nav unit for example) is that I upgraded the stored maps to the latest August 2018 version using a thumb drive supplied by the GM Navigation.

My understanding is that you use OnStar when you want voice turn by turn, but personally not sure why you would need that vs the regular Nav system.

Finally, not sure why you would get only voice when using your iPhone navigation. When connecting via Bluetooth, my iPhone via Bluetooth I can mirror my iPhone screen on the Canyon display.(EDIT: wrong on the BT mirroring, it is when plugged in and using CarPlay that the mirroring can be used)
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GMC navigation system vs OnStar

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The navigation system is separate from Onstar, I have had navigation in a 15, 17 and now a 2020 and the 20 system is hands down much superior To the previous systems. Car play will also integrate and project a google map.