Help with an aftermarket glasspack fitment


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I have a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 with 2.75" exhaust pipe. I am wanting to delete my muffler and add a glasspack without welding. Problem is, I can't find any adapters to fit anything. Do I go with a 3" or a 2.5" glasspack? And whichever one I go with, what size adapters/reducers do I use? The muffler shops in this area charge around $350 for this work, so that's the reason for doing it myself. I appreciate any help given!!


it will be hard to do it without welding
consider having the exhaust exit in front of the rear tire ( look at my profile picture)
no muffler shop will do it that way because of exhaust fumes
I did a quick google on exhaust adapters there are a lot available
a 90 degree elbow , a short piece of exhaust pipe and clamps
fabricate an exhaust pipe hanger
and you have it exit in front of the rear tire
you didn't say which engine you have
I would go with the 3" , you don't want to go smaller than stock pipe size