High Oil suddenly



Hi all.
So, my 2005 2500 HD with the 6 liter one day suddenly read crazy high on the dipstick. Then threw a code for #6 cylinder misfire. It has always read normal with 6 qts oil.
So I drained it all out and sure enough out came 6 qts. To make the dipstick read normal it only takes 3 qts. This is a sudden change no reason. Well there IS a reason I just am totally baffled. Nothing wrong or tampering with the dipstick or shaft it sits in. Everything is like it was a month ago.

The thing that lead up to noticing this was it was -10F and I started truck and after a minute heard a 'pop" or whatever. I looked in rear views and noticed black smoke from exhaust. I was like WTF. I let it idle just a little bit more then revved it slightly. No more black smoke. I also noticed a large oil 'leak' or spot of oil on ground in front of engine, not near anything other than possibly oil cooler?

So far after draining and re filling with 6 qts. no more leaks but still reads 3" above the dipstick.

I can't run the thing on3 qts. , and now the #6 misfire is back again after going out on its own.

WTH is going on with this thing?