If you are having problems with your Envoy Rear Gate Window, I got your fix.


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If you have an 04 Envoy, and your rear window won't go up, this might be your fix. If the window is sliding down into the gate, the gate will not work in any position because the computer doesn't know the status of the window. In any case, we are having this problem, and last year we had a similar problem with the MID GATE (we have the XUV). It was a bad regulator - the plastic on the cable had broken and the window dropped and would not go up. Well, anyways, I just got a call from my wife, and the rear gate is doing the same thing now. She put some items in the back storage area and closed the gate (side hinge, glass up), and not long thereafter, the window started sliding down and would not go up.

The two assemblies involved are the REGULATOR and the Window MOTOR. The motor apparently does not fail that often, so they have separated the two items.

ACDelco Part Number 19210376 End Gate Window Regulator Assembly


and the PRICE is very right. The Dealer will charge you probably 2-3 times as much for this part.

And the motor, if needed:

ACDelco Part Number 19256364 End Gate Window Regulator Motor Assembly