Ignition switch won't turn off.


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Apr 22, 2020
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I had this problem with my 2000 envoy. When I would shut the engine off sometimes it would not go past the run position. I could kill the engine but it would still be in the on position and that is as far back as it would go. I would figure with it several times back and forth and finally it would slip into the off position. Didn't happen a lot but when it did happen hopefully I was in my driveway and not on a road trip. My battery would die quickly. I took it to the dealership..and of course when I take the show them they can't understand what I'm talking about because it won't do it on demand. They just assume that I don't know what I'm talking about. They replace the ignition switch... But on some GM products there is a little button that you push when you kill it. It's underneath the steering column. Well mine didn't have that button. or someone had replaced the steering column cover now that I'm writing this, That's probably what happened. I don't see it in any other forum. I finally got it fixed.. so there's a button that do push but I remove the steering column and there's the button... That's all it was. There was a hole in the steering column cover. I guess so you could stick a screwdriver or something up in there and hit the button. It's so odd because I never had to use this button or never had this problem for quite some time. It would always just shut off. Then all of a sudden it started doing it. But if anyone else has any problems with the key switch not turning off. Or out of the run position...I don't know if this was a factory default where they had installed a ignition switch with a button on a vehicle that did not have that option. I just wanted to post this in case someone who has the same problem could find it take your steering column cover off and see if there is a little gray button underneath the switch...