Issues after steering gear box replacement


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Good morning!

I have a 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD 4x4 with the LLY Duramax. I had severe slack in my steering, and after diagnostics found to have a bad steering gear box. After replacement, bleeding the system, and properly filling the fluid my truck is very hard to turn left while turning right feels almost too easy. All tie rods, power steering pump, and hydraboost have been recently replaced. Anyone have any suggestions on why this may be?

Thanks for any assistance!


jack the front end, tires off the ground
is it still the same felling when turn the steering wheel?
have someone turn the steering wheel while you are down there
looking at the steering system move, with the tires off the ground and on the ground
almost same thing happened to a friends truck, and with the tires on the ground the idler arm bearings were bad and it would flex and bind against the frame