Newbie in need of some info

Dale M

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Apr 1, 2020
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Hey guys, I'm a retired technician out of several GM dealerships over the years and I happen to own a '96 GMC Subhuman K2500 that has over 230000 miles on it and I suppose that it will just continue to run like a champ as long as I continue to do routine maintenance...
I'm gonna put this out here and see if someone has the magic button to correct my problem.
My radio recently stopped playing during a short trip to my shop, about four miles one way. I could change stations and turn it on and off and everything works normally, except there is no sound...
So, I just figured the radio is almost thirty years old and something internal let go, so I put an aftermarket radio in and guess what.... Same thing.
I don't have a factory manual and have checked fuses and such, anyone have the magic answer to my problem? I know its gonna be something simple, but this old guy is lost at this time:rolleyes: