Outter tie rod different


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Bought a used 04 envoy, 2 wheel drive, in line 6. Been good but recently I had a bit of movement on the wheel and a clunk sometimes. Jacked it up and saw that the outter tie rod was the culprit. Easy job or so I thought. Went to every part store and they all had the same outter tie rod but it is just a bit bigger on the threads so it doesn't fit where it grabs on to the inner tie rod. They did have the steering rack changed at pepboys so maybe they had something to do with this. Will changing the inner tie rod aswell fix out the issue or am I screwed.


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I would be taking a Micrometer to the spindle and comparing them to the stock part. They are the new part and fly in the ointment. I would suspect them first.
Maybe they need that companies tie rod ends.