Programming mode for keyless entry


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Nov 11, 2020
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I posted this issue a couple days ago and I haven't received a response as of yesterday and today I don't see my post so, I'm going to post it once again as I really need some help. I'm having some issues with my programming or reprogramming of a fob. My remote keyless entry was working up until about a week ago and replaced the battery in the remote but it still does not operate the locks. The liftgate does that work even with the power lock buttons on the doors my car couple days ago would not start then it started right up yesterday but I still cannot get the remote to work the unlock or lock. the radio and the windows used to work for a little bit after ignition is shut off, but now once the ignition is off the radio goes off as well as the windows. Does anybody have any idea what the remedy is for this issue? I would greatly appreciate any help.