Safari Rack


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Mar 12, 2013
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Levittown, Pa
Ok so I've finally decided to do a major mod to my burb and put a safari roof rack on the truck. I can't find any roof mount light bars so I'm kinda stuck with putting the safari rack on plus I think that I will appreciate the extra cargo capacity. Unless someone can point me in the right direction of a light bar the safari rack seems like the easier choice. I'm really only doing this so I can put roof lights on my truck. Anyone know a good manufacturer of safari racks that are a decent price? I love my burb and I want to make it a bit more agressive... The body lift with the 35's and a sweet set of lights across the top of the truck will go a long way when if I ever decide to resell the truck and will go even further when I'm offroading or showing my truck. Now the safari rack would look more agressive but at the same time the light bar will add less weight and I think would be the cheaper way to go... any help with this would be awesome.