Service stabilitrak message


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Our 2007 Yukon just began giving us the service stabilitrak and traction control off messages. When this happens, the engine idles rapidly and then when you try to accelerate it THRUSTS into 2nd gear. Anyone else experience this? We are urgently seeking help as we are day 3 into a 15 day road trip to see family. Thanks for any info.


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Hi, how do you remove its 25A fuse??? can you help? because i have the exact same problem as Jbeard.
Google search "2009 Yukon Denali remove Stabilitrak fuse location"
The fuses can be easiest part to replace in any vehicle but to remove the fuse you'll need either a needle nose pliers or the fuse removal tool which would be attached in the fuse panel or to the fuse panel door. Go to any gas station or Walmart autos area, or any autoparts store, buy the correct replacement fuse, and replace.


These two systems work with the ABS system the ABS module is know to become inoperable usually contact shorts either in connections or soldering connections one must remove the ABS module carefully open the unit clean the pc board and inspect the soldering connections if you find shorted spots one must resolder and reseal the case and reinstall the unit then reset the check engine codes