Side door hinges


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I have a Savana with side doors on both sides used for my delivery business. The hinge on the right side seemed to be slowly rusting shut. I tried loosening it with some grease and tried working the door loose by opening and closing it. That bent the hinge so bad that I couldnt shut the door. It is now taped shut. The other side started to do the same thing so I used another lube and it almost did the same thing. Now Im petrified to use that side door. So now Im doing the deliveries out of the back doors. Its killing me. I took it to my local GMC shop and they kind of shook their heads and said it would cost upwards of $1500 to fix and they couldnt guarantee anything. Does anybody have a miracle solution for me? Thanks in advance.


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I drilled the top knuckle of each hinge and squired white lithium grease into each side. Problem solved. The hole drilled was just larger then the straw on the lubricant container. I drilled it on an, "upslope" so no water gets in. I also closed the hole with some wheel bearing grease between lube sessions.
In you case, due to the level of rust, I would shoot some PB Blaster or liquid wrench in first to unbind it. Let it sit overnight and then slowly try to work it loose.