Sierra 1500 is the most driven pickup truck?


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I came across a research study today that mentioned the Sierra was the second most driven pickup truck, driving 12,669 miles annually which is 5.7% higher than the average for all cars on the road. I am glad that people are actually driving their trucks versus just being a work horse from time to time. We just need to drive 200 more miles a year to beat the Silverados annual milage count!


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most driven truck

Has anyone noticed the ad's on craigslist from time to time, no matter what city your looking in that there are far more F150s for sale than gmc. I felt that gmc owners more happier with their trucks than ford owners. I had only 1 good ford truck out of 3 or 4 of them. I think GMC is a better built truck as far as breakdowns go. I may be wrong. of the 3 new ford trucks I had, (didn't know any better) :( I had 11 warranty trips to the dealer.


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The torque converter went out on my 2012 at 6,000 miles. Since then it's been pretty much trouble free. Low speed in 4 wheel drive is very noisy but GMC says "operating as designed". Still noisy to this day. I average about 15,000 a year.


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Love mine except for the seats. The seat backs are great, very supportive, but the cushions are extremely firm. If you spend a ton of time in your truck like me, I'd recommend taking it on an extended test drive before buying. It's not a deal breaker for me because I love a lot of the other features, but is definitely a miss, seats should be more comfortable at this price range.