Steering Wheel radio controls inop


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Newby here - just bot a 2006 Denali crew cab. It has the Bose stereo, but the original head had been replaced with a 09 Pioneer. It was old Nav and interface technology so I updated to a new Pioneer head with CarPlay, Android & rear camera.

After also buying the $129 network cable to restore steering wheel controls - (didn't work prior to swap) - Onstar, Bose, Rear Entertainment working, or get it working - the installer informed me the steering column is not receiving the correct charge/resistance to make the cabling & controls function.

Any ideas how to trouble shoot and restore signal into steering column?


PS: half the bulbs are also out and I'll take advice there too


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@CigarXO how is that Pioneer head unit treating you? Would you recommend it?

Sorry for being off topic. Maybe you can help me. I'm on a quest for a new stereo. I've been reading reviews about Pioneer stereos but they are useless hype. It's beyond me why people are doing it.

This head unit landed on my short list AVH-1550NEX. From all the blogs that I've read one stood out. The blogger was hyper critical about Pioneer and put me on the fence. The Pioneer stereo review was OK until I've reached the shortcomings section.

How hard is to install these units anyways? What about that radio lag? Is it that bad?

All tips are welcomed