Storage options for between 2nd row seats


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for 2019 yukon with bench 2nd row seats.

There is a space between the pedestals of these seats which seams ideal for storage. BUT... I haven't been able to find any prefabs.

I am interested in options for storage and containment. Don't want the stuff flying around the cabin.

Can Anyone point me to options or have DIY solutions?

Thanks for the help!:confused:


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I have a 2013 with the "captains" seats. I have a dog that sits in the second row and those seats are too small for him so I have temporarily used a block of styrofoam that came in a piece of furniture to create a bridge so he has a bench seat. Plan is to eventually build a box with a drawer for that space where I can put is toys, etc. The main issue will be keeping it from sliding and flying around.