Temperature difference btwn obd scanner and dashboard gauge


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Apr 2, 2019
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Any help? I changed my thermostat...(car temp gauge wasnt going higher then 165 previously)..now its perfect 210 mark..BUT scanner says etc temp is 190... which makes my fan clutch sound like an airplane engine..(just recently changed fan clutch and water pump also) everything running good and no codes...long term fuel trim is a bit high at +9-10..short term jumps btwn -3/+2... everything seems to run smooth except it takes extra time for fan clutch to stop airplane sounding..

Anybody can advise the temp diff. Readings....is it a bad coolant temp sensor... just want to.see if anyone can tell before i change.. my internal dashboard temperature gauge doesn't Jump Around at all and slowly climbs up to 210 like normal so it's not an electrical issue but it usually takes about 15 minutes for the car ET cie scanner reading for it to get to 190 degrees and stays there..? Anyone with answers? Thanks