Tire Pressure Light

Ken F.

New member
Hello all. My name is Ken and I just joined today. I have purchased a 2008 Yukon and really love it. It has the tire pressure light on and when I checked the tire pressures there was no reading for the right front tire. So naturally I assumed that that sensor had died and needed to be replaced. I had the tires rotated this morning, after they were rotated and they were reading again I still showed no reading on the right front. The tires were never dismounted and I watched them do the work. My question is where could the problem be if the same place is reading nothing but a different wheel is in the place it wouldn't read? Should I have it reset and see what happens? Any help will be greatly appreciated !
I'm not positive about you 2008, but on my 2012 Sierra the sensors have to be reprogrammed to their new positions after rotation. Meaning, if have a low tire on the RF and move it to the LR, the dash will still show it being the RF low. I think on the 2008 you might be able to do it yourself by going into the "tire learning mode" and letting air out of the tires individually. On my 2012 I have to use a tool to activate the senors. If I remember right the instructions should be in your manual. I'm not sure why GM decided to require the use of a tool. Welcome to the forum also.