TP monitors


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The Sierra I have now has tire pressure monitors, I've never had those things before...
Its coming up on tire replacement time before long, and knowing very little about them,
I'm wondering what, if anything, I do about those units?? Replace them, do they have
replaceable batteries, leave them alone, just what is the usual procedure with these things ??
Seems like tire time would be the normal time to deal with them... They seem to work just
fine now, maybe I should just apply the old axiom, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"..
Opinions anybody??
Tnx, Paul R...


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They are designed to last quite a while. However, I have found that if you get your tires at Discount Tire when they mount the new ones they will rebuild your monitors. Probably just replace the battery and internal stem. I went for several years on 2012 before they got "rebuilt".