Transmission Woes


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Jun 7, 2020
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Well, I have a 99 Sonoma with the 2.2 . Original problem was when Trans warmed up it would just die . No forward reverse nothing . Fine when cold. Pulled pan , saw more clutch material than I liked, decided to try a rebuild myself. There is a guy that does a series on you tube his channel is transmissionbench . Seemed very meticulous . Followed instructions to the letter . When I pulled clutch packs they looked great . So i figured the clutch in t converter.

Now when I stareted it up shifted to reverse . It was great . Shifted to drive . It was great . Shifted to reverse it went in great . Shifted back to drive . Its stuck in reverse. Shifted all gears multi time still stuck in reverse. While I was playing with it trans got up to temperature and it just died again . no forward no reverse nothing . So original problem still there . I have probably close to $1000 dollars in this thing . Take it apart and put in a new pump? Hell I don't know. one in it looks good no scoring of anything in rotor area . Pretty frustrated need some idea if anyone has any . Thanks