Water Injection for new 6.6 GDI Engine


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Feb 10, 2021
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Ordered a 2021 Sierra 2500 HD in November last year is arriving at dealer end of February. Chose the new 6.6 Liter direct injected gas engine. With the direct injected engine it gets no fuel spray over the intake valve and have herd of intake valve carbon build up problems on back side of valve with these types of engines. Was researching solutions and remembered back in the late 70's and early 80's I run water/methanol injectors on my high compression hot rods. Aside of being able to get away with running pump gas in these high compression engines, upon tear downs to refresh the rings and bearings, the cylinder heads and pistons were clean as if I had just assembles the engines the day before. Absolutely no carbon build up of any kind. So I've looked into AEM Performance Electronics and Snow Performance water methanol injectors which are triggered off the MAF sensor.
Just inquiring here if anyone here has run water injection on this 6.6 Liter GDI engine or any other direct injection gas engine to resolve any carbon build up issues on back of their intake valves?
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