We wuz gipped!


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Let’s face it GM fell woefully short in the Canyon Denali as offering the luxuries that the Denali name evokes. They threw in a few enjoyable extras ( like the heated wheel) and left out those items that make the big brother Sierra Denali the luxury platform it is.
I don’t advocate adding an extra ten grand to an already high priced vehicle but for the $46,000 on my window sticker the vehicle should have more “goo gaas” to make driving and owning a Canyon Denali more of a pleasure than it now is. Things like a power rear slider ( instead of manual), homelink garage door opener, memory drivers seat, optional sun roof, deeper plush seat padding, dual ( rather than single) heater/AC controls, etc....should be standard on a Denali without increasing the price of the vehicle.
Also, GM, move the four wheel control to a place where the leg does not change positions while entering and exiting the vehicle.
Just my 2 cents worth.


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Agree completely! My 16 Canyon was loaded and was the most beautiful and the most disappointing vehicle I have bought in 50 years. My 17 Ram 1500 (V6) is a great vehicle in comparison.


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I had a 2017 arcadia Denali and what a difference from my 2020 canyon Denali. I figured the same thing with the extras, but all it turns out to be is more chrome.