What it takes to change a fog light bulb


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I have a 2018 GMC Terrain SLT. The fog lights have yellowish halogen bulbs, so I bought set of whiter bulbs. On all previous SUV I have bought from the dealership, it was a simple matter of getting on your knees, and changing the bulbs, took less than 10 minutes. When I took it to the dealership today my friend told me it would cost $ 60 as both tires had to be removed, the backing in each wheel well had to be removed, and more, just to get to the bulb. I told them to forget it, I am sending the bulbs back. This is the most insane way to build a vehicle I have ever heard of. No more GMC for me. I had three Buick Encores before I bought the Terrain as I needed a little more room. When I trade again i will check how to change the fog bulbs first, and most likely will buy another Encore.