Who are our GMC Terrain owners?

Sal Collaziano

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It seems we have a lack of GMC Terrain owners so I'm starting a discussion thread to call you out! Tell us about your experience with the Terrain and whether you'd buy one again in the future. If you have any pictures, please post them.

Thank you!


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One timer only

I Bought a 2011 SLT-2 Terrain loaded with all accessories in april of this year (2012). Loved the terrain and had hoped it to get the stated mileage of 22 city and 32 highway. That is and was a farce. I could hardley get 22 to 25 highway. It was the 4 cylinder FWD. I tried everything I could find on Terrain forums to get better mpg but nothing worked. econ button was no different. It was a great vehicle, rode great and drove great, liked all the features but hated the economy part because it didn't happen. I usually keep a vehicle for a long time and if it had of done the mpg thing as I had hoped for I would have it now and for a long time to come. I saved up to buy it so it was paid for. GM was blind to their problem and offered NO HELP. So I got ride of it in August for a 2012 Nissan rogue and cannot be happier. Great gas mileage. Already getting 28 to 29 mpg average It's only rated for 29 highway but it is getting it. Tried it by hand calculator and dash computer and both will confirm it.
If you have bought one I wish you well. If it gets great gas mileage then you are lucky. If I were guaranteed the 22 and 32 mileage on another terrain then maybe but my first and only one left a bad taste in me and my wallet.


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2011 terrain SLE 4 cyl, FWD and 2012 Sierra SLE crew cab

Terrain has been fine. Only complaints are less than advertised mileage, no matter how crazy Mega mileage mixer tricks I try. If I knew it was only going to get 1-2 MPG better than my 2006 v6 torrent, I would have not bought the 4 cylinder.

Other than that, car is fine for what it is. The sierra rides much better, due to the larger wheelbase I assume.

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2011 Terrain SLE 4 cyl. and 2011 Sierra SLE delete reg. cab short box 4.8

The Terrain has been an excellent vehicle except for the tires.
My wife gets 20 mpg city with jackrabbit starts. I get 29 ~ 33 on hwy.
We've had the Terrain since March 2011.

2011 Sierra is turning out to be a great truck.
I've owned the truck for 2 weeks and haven't got a mileage reading yet.
The truck had a previous owner and had 14,000 miles when I got her.

Pics will be posted as I get the garage setup :)
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2013 Terrain Denali-Iridium Metallic
Bought December 24th; Love it so far. Gas mileage averaging around 19 combined. Ride is great. Love all the features included with the Denali version.



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Love my Terrain but need rear wiper šŸ˜Ž

Bought my 2010 SLT brand new and I've loved it ever since. My other ride is an Acura luxury loaded out with all the tech bells & whistles, but I still choose to drive my Terrain every day. No issues with its performance, it's size, it's hauling capability, it's mileage, or its great looks. I have the merlot with black leather and chrome rims. The only thing I'm searching for now is a replacement rear window wiper blade. It seems that none of the local auto parts stores have anything that fits, and it's a bit of a drive to our regional GMC house. Any ideas out there?


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Bought 2011 4 cylinder FWD in 2010. Only problem was mileage. Reflashed the computer loads at the dealer twice and finally corrected mileage from 26 to 31 on the road. Very happy with it and is perfect size car for wife and I to travel in. No other problems except exterior temperature reading is very intermittent since day 1. I suspect a harness problem but dealer can't get to fail or locate problem. Disappointing for GMC with 40,000 miles already.


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I just bought my used 2012 GMC Terrain SLE 2WD. I am excited with the purchase but am disheartened with the reviews on the gas mileage. I hope that I will be able to get decent gas mileage with mine.


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2013 SLT-2 2.4 FWD have gotten 33.3 mpg on the highway. Looking forward to my next trip to try and beat that. Great car, not happy with the 5400 oil change interval. Especially using the synthetic blend dexos 1 oil. 7500 to 9000 would be more optimum.


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2013 Terrain Denali

Traded my 2010 Terrain SLT 4 banger for the 2013 Terrain Denali V6 with all the bell's and whistle's.
I am very pleased with the upgrade in comfort, ride quality,and quietness of the V6 over the whinney 4 banger.

The added memory seat/mirror settings are great, along with all the additional warning additions. Navigation system is much easier to use then others I have used, and voice recognition works well.

I am also pleased with the overall gas fuel economy, I currently have 900 miles on the odometer, and have recorded 28 mpg on a trip, at and average 70 mph, and around town (rural area) 18 mpg.

I like the solid charcoal/black interior over the previous two tone colors.

As you can see I am very impressed with this upgraded version. :D


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Update: I checked my dash computer info on my average MPG and it read 22mpg. Then I filled up my tank and checked my MPG manually and I got 26mpg! Either the computer is wrong, or it is only for an "average" and not for the actual MPG you get. I drive mostly city and I was so happy to get 26MPG.

I Love my Terrain!


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2012 GMC Terrain Black 4 Cylinder

I gave my 2010 F-150 V8 in for the smaller 2012 GMC Terrain 4 cylinder. I am happy with the vehicle except that the gas mileage sucks, especially if I am using the Air Conditioner. I use a lot of city miles and it sucks the gas right out of my car. I have one small gripe and that is that it seems like they don't update their radios/Bluetooth capabilities when the new phones come out. I had the iPhone 4 and it worked great with the Bluetooth. I switched to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and it doesn't work hands free, I hope the issue is resolved soon.


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New 2014 GMC Terrain

I bought the 2014 Terrain 4 cylinder SLE 2 about four and a half months ago. I love everything about it. It may be too early to make an opinion but, I have plans to buy a new one in 3 or 4 years.


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Just bought a brand new Denali in Carbon Black Metallic this last Friday. So far, I am loving it. Gets slightly worse gas mileage than my Hyundai Genesis Coupe and way better gas mileage that the 1999 F150 that I used to own. She is a head turner for sure with all the satin and bright chrome accents. :D