Who are our GMC Terrain owners?


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I've had my 2015 4-cylinder SLT Terrain not quite a month now. It's my first AWD vehicle. I've lived in the snow belt south of Buffalo NY for over 20 years. My 1995 Saturn was horrible in the snow; it's replacement, a 2005 Honda Odyssey was significantly better, but after the cold snowy winter we just went through I decided on AWD. I got the SLT model because I wanted the heated drivers seat and the heated outside mirrors. The up to date tech features were also on my must-have list. I am getting between 26 and 28 mpg. I do mainly highway driving but am frequently stuck in traffic jams.


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Howdy all...I'm about to acquire a new 2015 GMC Terrain Denali AWD/V6..some time this week..I can't wait..(wed, 9-16-15 I hope)

Anyway, I just sold my beloved 2006 Hummer H3 and am moving into this new GMC..It is the summit white color with all the bells and whistles, I hope to have pictures and all soon to show off..

I already got a couple of questions, so I'll post them in the appropriate areas of the forum..see you all there..

Hope to have fun here.
Owner of a 2010 Terrain SLE-2 3.0L
It has ~120k miles and I put 100k miles myself. Overall great vehicle. I push the vehicle hard, I've done some custom work to it and I use it everyday.



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Just ordered

Just ordered a 2016 Terrain Denali in Tri Coat Frost. V-6 AWD.
Will post about it after I put a few miles on.
I have been driving a 2010 Ford Escape XLT AWD V-6 for the last 107,000 miles and love it. I just do not like the newer Escape body style, and thought I would give GM a try.


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Funny..I've been posting on the Terrain section since early October, 2015..But no one else has much...

I have the 2015 Denali with the 3.6L V6, 301HP-AWD in Summit white..Love it!

I'm 6'3" and that's one thing I like most, is the room I have inside....It's got plenty of power too for such a light weight SUV..


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Just Purchased a New ( To Me ) 2016 GMC Terrain SLT 3.6L .. Loving it so far does not look like too much action here in the Terrain Section but can hope it improves and am sure can still pick up things up from similar equipped models ..



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Good SUV

Bought my Terrain with a V6 and the sports package with 13000 miles in it. Drives very well and looks very masculine. With some basic additions looks even better.
The millage is standard for any SUV this size but my highway has been as high as 34.8mpg in the city and I have to deal with lights and traffic is an average of 15.5mpg.
The only thing I do not like about it is the FWD and the lack of gages. But I guess you get use to those. Very smooth and reliable so far. I have around 24000 in it right now. Do all the oil changes with Pennzoil synthetic blend only and add Lucas oil to it. I used Lucas oil in my 2001 Blazer and the engine had excellent compression when I sold it.
I enjoy this truck and plan to keep it for a long time despite what I do not like in it.
Next time I will post pictures.


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I traded a 2014 Buick Encore which had an intermittent start problem, for a 2018 Terrain. So far I love it. Learning all of the things it does, it is an amazing vehicle.


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Just bought a new 2018 Terrain, and I love it so far. I traded a Buick Encore in on it. I appreciate the added room, and especially the gadgets. I bought my wife a 2019 Trax which she really likes.


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Hello all, I'm still driving my 2008 Chevy HHR 2LT Panel. I love it, got it back in Aug 29. 2009.

but the Gen 1 Terrains just have captured my attention.

Thinking about a '16 or '17 Terrain Denali.. I have test drove a Terrain at local GM Dealership. I liked it, but my 2LT Panel has me a lil spoiled, so if I'm gonna get something else, I want to go for the Terrain Denali V-6 FWD package.

So I'm studying about these to learn as much as I can.