Windshield Wiper Issues.....


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Aug 2, 2019
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I have a '99 GMC Suburban SUV, 5.7l, LST. I'm slowly going through and replacing what's bad, and I've run into a problem that is driving me nuts. The windshield wipers operation is all over the board! I mean, sometimes, just the High speed setting on the windshield wiper/turn signal arm will work; other times, the low settings may work for a few minutes then freeze in place. Alternately, the same when its running all out on High, and then just stops wherever it feels like it. I bought a brand new windhield wiper/turn signal/bright light control arm. I replaced that and it did no difference in fixing the problems, SO, I'm going to bounce this off of you all since it appears I have reached the end of my knowledge on that subject! Finally, no matter which mode is working at that time, the ww blades never stop in the correct final resting place; 99% of the time I have to reach out (usually at a stop light) and pull them down carefully to their final resting position. Okay, Now. Let's see what you all can tell me about this gremlin I seem to have in my system! :)