Oil consumption GMC Acadia


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As I sit here reading about all the Acadia oil consumption issues my 2011 Acadia is sitting at the dealership yet again. I will have owned the car two full years on the 30th. It has been in the service dept so many times and I have driven their loaners more then I have my Acadia that I am paying on. It has had timing chains replaced, I had to battle the dealer over that, I have had a high pitched whine ever since ( that they conveniently cant hear or I am told that all of the Acadia make that sound which they do not ) I have had them blame me for being two quarts low very soon after the timing chains were replaced in which I told them ( I did not know about the oil consumption issue at this time ) the only ones that have touched this car is your service guys and the car just had its timing chains replaced a month ago. Then when I took it in about the transmission a short 5 month later I was told that I had excessive carbon build up and charged to have every thing cleaned. Hmmmm Ok trans replaced. 6 month later I take it in about the very annoying high pitch whine, the hesitation when taking off, rough running on initial start up then straightens out, a sluggish start when starting the car. I was told that I need a tune up. Well fast forward and here I am not even a full month later, not even 800 miles later when pulling out onto a busy highway with cars coming at 70 mph the car hesitated, then went then a weird what felt like shifting hesitated again then took off again and then boom, The check engine light started flashing, the info center started flashing reduced motor power then started smelling something burning, cut the A/C off got over as soon as I could shut the car off and there I sat. The dealer calls and tells me that the fuel injectors are stuck wide open. REALLY??? After talking with my old mechanic and doing a lot of research, EVERYTHING I have been complaining about all points back to the PCV valve!!!! This is going to be yet another battle but I am ready. Crazy, GM has had several class action suits against them just settling one on the 2.4 motors in Nov 2019, a current one on the larger 5.3 and V8. GM is very aware of these issues and sit on the tail bones while consumers battle it out or take the loss. My question is why haven't Acadia and Traverse owner taken action and file a class action lawsuit??? Im ready if you all are! This issue causes big damage to many parts of your vehicles. It is causing fires and lastly engine failure! Im tired of dealing with incompetence .